Honoring Juneteenth: Commitment to Justice and Equity in the Cannabis Industry

Honoring Juneteenth: Commitment to Justice and Equity in the Cannabis Industry

As Juneteenth approaches, we at Skunked take a moment to reflect on its profound significance. Juneteenth is not just a celebration of freedom from the physical chains of slavery but also a reminder of the ongoing journey toward social justice and equality. At Skunked, we believe in acknowledging this day by emphasizing our commitment to these values, particularly in the context of the cannabis industry, where the shadows of injustice still linger.

Juneteenth and Cannabis Reform:

Juneteenth invites us to reflect on the broader implications of freedom and justice. In the cannabis industry, these themes resonate deeply, given the historical and ongoing impact of cannabis prohibition on communities of color. Disproportionate arrest rates and barriers to entry into the cannabis market are stark reminders of why our engagement in reform is crucial.

Colorado’s Innovative Initiatives:

In Colorado, we’re witnessing significant strides toward rectifying past injustices within the cannabis space. Governor Polis and the Cannabis Business Office recently announced the “Access to Experts” program. This initiative is a beacon of support for Colorado’s social equity licensed cannabis businesses, offering them expert guidance in compliance, marketing, and financial consulting at little to no cost. Such programs are crucial for empowering historically marginalized business owners and ensuring they have the tools to succeed.

The Role of Advocacy Groups in Juneteenth:

Organizations like the Last Prisoner Project and the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) are at the forefront of this battle for equity. The Last Prisoner Project works tirelessly to release and reintegrate individuals incarcerated for cannabis offenses that are no longer crimes, advocating for a fair and just cannabis policy. Similarly, the MCBA focuses on creating equal access and economic empowerment for cannabis businesses, ensuring that the benefits of legalization are shared equitably.

Our Juneteenth Commitment:

At Skunked, we choose not to run sales on Juneteenth as we believe commercial promotions could undermine the day’s importance. Instead, we dedicate this time to education and community engagement. We support and highlight the efforts of organizations like the MCBA and the Last Prisoner Project and encourage our community to get involved with these groups, understanding their impact and supporting their missions.


As we honor Juneteenth, let us remember that the pursuit of justice and equity remains a continuous effort, particularly in industries like ours. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that not only recognizes but actively addresses historical inequities. We invite you to join us in this commitment, supporting initiatives that aim to make the cannabis industry fairer for everyone.

A Juneteenth Call to Action:

Learn more about the “Access to Experts” program and how you can support or benefit from it. Engage with the work of the Last Prisoner Project and the MCBA, and discover how you can contribute to making a difference. Let’s use our influence to foster change and celebrate Juneteenth with a renewed commitment to justice and equity.